Couples Therapy Self-Assessment Quiz

Do you think your relationship would benefit from couples therapy? Take this quiz to learn whether it is a good idea to seek help. The Eastside Center for Family is here for you. Reach out today for help.

Would my relationship benefit from couples therapy?

Couples therapy will help you gain practical skills that you can apply to improve your relationship. Therapy can help to break cycles of frustration, work more effectively together, and strengthen communication skills. Use this screening tool to better identify if you would benefit from couples therapy.

My partner and I communicate effectively.

I trust my partner.

In my relationship, I feel secure and emotionally safe.

My partner makes me feel valued and respected.

When I need my partner, they are there for me.

My partner helps me when I am going through a difficult time.

My partner supports me and motivates me to achieve my goals.

I feel lonely in my relationship.

Being intimate with my partner makes me feel closer to them.

I feel comfortable expressing my feelings and thoughts.

My partner and I had completely different upbringings

Our families have different value systems.

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