Counseling Options

Eastside Center for Healing offers a variety of counseling options for children and adolescents. We offer assessments to determine the needs of each individual child or teenager in a family. Once our assessment has been completed, we can provide suggestions on several forms of treatment including outpatient services that provide continuing care and stepped-down care for substance abuse among young people, individual counseling options, family counseling, and referral and inpatient treatment programming.

Each client – young or old – is unique and requires specialized attention and treatment based on their needs. Our professional counselors can recommend effective and personalized treatment plans for young persons wishing to overcome life’s challenges.



Individual Family Plan

At Eastside Center for Healing, we know that kids need to a place to work out their problems. Parents too, need support and an encouraging place to learn new methods and skills to help their children and feel empowered in newly found abilities. We focus on creating an individualized plan with each family, making sure to respectfully and fully involve parents in the counseling process. We have counselors that offer help to address the needs of individual family members and provide support to the family unit as a whole.

Challenges at Home, in School, and in Peer Groups

Whether at home or school, children and adolescents have unique problems that are different from those of their parents. It is often hard for parents to put themselves in their children’s shoes, even if they have experienced similar situations throughout their youth. The expert counselors at Eastside Center for Healing can help children and young people overcome their problems and provide the skills parents need to support their children through these challenging times.

Therapy Process for Children

Therapy for children involves a variety of techniques and methods used to help children who are experiencing difficulties with thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Children do not always have the words they need to describe their thoughts and feelings and, at these times, understanding issues can be difficult for parents. Our counselors use play therapy techniques to help children find the words; such techniques include playing with art supplies, clay, sand-play, social stories, drawings, visualizations, puppets, dolls and creative movement that children can use to play out and express the feelings and experiences that they have yet are unable to express themselves.

Therapy Process for Adolescents

Therapy for adolescents and teenagers provides support and assurance as young people find their own voice and identity in their family. Having a confidential space to talk about thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without judgment or fear of repercussion is invaluable at this age group. Play therapy techniques are just as effective with adolescents as they are with younger children. Arts and crafts, drawing, collage, sand-play, storytelling, poetry and music are all extremely effective ways for adolescents and teens to express the thoughts and feelings that they hold so closely to their hearts.