Anxiety Relief Men’s Group

One of the most important realizations I had during my master’s degree was that others suffered with self-doubt and that I was not alone in this.  This problem with self-doubt can lead to problems with anxiety, which can rob you of the good times in relationships.  Anxiety can also negatively impact your self-confidence and keep you from experiencing the best life.

Cultural messaging has played a large part in the development of my self-esteem over the years.  Like many men, I was taught that men should not share their feelings.  For years I did not realize that other men carried the same burden of suppressing their emotions.  In grad school I discovered that men feel the same societal burdens and they too were trying to figure out how to share at a deeper level, improve their communication skills and relate better to others.

Using my personal experiences, my education and what I have heard from my male clients,  I am starting a therapy group for men. In this group, we will use meditation, reading, and discussion to aid in understanding why anxiety happens and things to change that will make it easier to relate to others and manage the symptoms.  This group has three main goals that include reducing isolation and feelings of anxiety, improving upon existing coping mechanisms and creating mutual support among members.  If you would like to discuss this group, please feel free to email me to set up a ten minute consultation by phone.  If it is determined after this consult that this is the right group for you, we will set up an intake appointment in order to enroll you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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